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Anti-Aging for Dogs

Feeding a fresh raw diet, especially since puppyhood, gives our dogs the foundation of good health, for a lifetime. Fresh food is the first, proven, anti-aging step we can take for our dogs.

In the 13 years that we have been feeding our own dogs, we have discovered that indeed, our dogs have had few health issues throughout their lives, rarely needing a vet visit.

Dr. Brady Conor, in our course, references a study that vet bills are 82% less than they are when feeding a commercial diet, this, in a kennel housing over 200 dogs. We don't have exact numbers, but we're sure we're pretty close to that, and I would guess that most of our Napa Fresh family are experiencing the same.

Feeding a good, fresh raw diet works wonders for a dog's health. The dog's cells function as they're supposed to, for a very, very long time. In fact, still, in the forty plus years we have owned Borzoi, they have never lived as long as they do now. It's the food.

Eventually however, at an advanced age, something happens to our beloved dogs. Cells do wear out; they age. That's biology. In our dogs it is late-onset arthritis. Last year we lost Eva, who was the oldest Borzoi we have ever owned, over 15 years old. We only lost her because she could no longer get up. We lost her sister, Gracie, months before, for the same reason. Otherwise they were healthy - hearts were strong, no cancer, no diabetes, no digestion issues, all other organs were functioning normally.

Fortunately, in all but their last month or so, our girls were happy and mobile.

Now, through advanced research at the cellular level, there is something new and tested that can further help our dogs through old age, even help with cognitive decline, heart health, rebuilding muscle, mobility and vigor. One dog owner using this new supplement even reported not only that his old dog made a complete turnaround in terms of mobility and vigor, but that his dog's grey fur was regrowing to its original brown color!

Dr. Norelli, our vet, turned us on to a tenured professor at Harvard, Dr. David Sinclair, who runs the Sinclair Lab. He researches genetics and longevity. Dr. Sinclair is a world-renowned scientist demonstrating remarkable success in changing cells for the better, in animals and in humans, to cure age-related disease. Listen to one interview here. His best-selling book is titled

Kevin with sisters, 11 plus years old, Rosie and Emme.

"Lifespan - Why We Age-and Why We Don't Have To". Visit his web site here.

Dr. Sinclair's brother, Nick, is the CEO of Animal Biosciences in Boston. Through his brother's research at Harvard, his team, including a vet that Dr. Norelli went to school with, Dr. Ginny Rentko, have developed a supplement for dogs that also has the proven ability to slow and reverse the signs of aging in dogs.

Called Leap Years, this supplement has been clinically tested and is highly effective, clinically proven. Learn all about it by visiting their web site.

Napa Fresh has applied to partner with Leap Years, and in the meantime we plan to treat our three oldest girls, 11 plus years old, Blondie, Emme, and Rosie, all raised on Napa Fresh, who are having difficulty with stairs, due to arthritis, but otherwise healthy.

We're very excited, and will keep you posted.


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