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Healthy Weight

It's not difficult to determine whether or not your dog is in a healthy, ideal weight. This chart is helpful, but the best way is to place your hands on your dog's sides, and feel for ribs. You should easily feel flesh-covered ribs, and hips. And, when you view your dog from above, you should see a waistline.

There are many, many overweight, even obese dogs. These dogs are fed mostly a kibble diet, which contributes tremendously to this life-threatening condition, leading to diabetes, joint problems, back problems, inflammation, even heart disease.

The poor obese dog pictured is having difficulty even turning his head, and has visible rolls of fat. He likely has difficulty moving, and could actually be in pain.

A dog fed the proper amount of an evolutionary, easy-to-digest diet comprised of fresh, whole foods, in most cases, will achieve and maintain their ideal, healthy weight. We have seen this in our own dogs, after 7 years of feeding Napa Fresh. Our dogs are in proper condition, well-muscled, active, and in proper weight, even our seniors.

Pictured below is Pippa, 8 years old, in perfect weight.

Watch our Learning Video about weight here.

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