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We're Different

How we make Napa Fresh Food for Dogs, and where our ingredients come from, makes all the difference in the health of your dog. Our own dogs are living proof. They eat nothing but Napa Fresh, and have for amost 10 years.

Because, like you, we care deeply for our dogs, the process we use and the result is like no other. Napa Fresh looks and smells like a fresh healthy meal you made for yourself. There is a big difference between Napa Fresh, and what you buy at any store, even if you find it refrigerated or frozen, or if it arrives in a box on your doorstep.

Commercial dog food manufacturers use the waste from the human food industry, and other feed-quality (garbage) ingredients dried into powders, or emulsified into a slurry, and processed so severely that synthetic vitamins and supplements must be added. They use fillers and starches that our beloved dogs don't need, and in fact, over time, can lead to grave illness.

If your dog's food doesn't look and smell like a fresh meatloaf you made for yourself, there is good reason.

Napa Fresh

  • Naturally taurine-rich

  • Fresh ground meat and nutritious bones

  • Fresh vegetables and fruit

  • No beans, lentils, soy, peas, potatoes, or corn

  • No starches

  • No gas-causing ingredients

Our process is simple. We shop at our local butcher, grocery store and local farm stand every week, curating the freshest ingredients. We carefully trim, rinse, weigh, and grind whole foods into a delightful mix that dogs not only love, but thrive upon. We pack by hand and freeze quickly to preserve all of the goodness.  All of the nutrients occur naturally in the food, so no supplementation, other than fresh cod liver oil, is required.

Napa Fresh is the best, healthiest meal for your dog. 

Napa Fresh Mixer
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