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Mary & Andy

Many years ago when I fed kibble, all the dogs had fleas, ticks, and always at the vet.   At that time I used flea collars, flea powder - all to no avail. And all died of cancer.   Switching to raw food was the best thing for my dogs.  No more fleas; very few ticks; and no cancer and no more hot spots or ear infections. And very few visits to the vet.   The rough collies don't mat as readily either.  Coats are shiny and pigmented  (no rusty tint on black coats). 


We are fortunate to have Napa Fresh made locally - we know what's in it.   We use Napa Fresh to keep our dogs healthy and happy.


Laura and Augie

I'm so glad we found you and Napa Fresh!

Some of the great things I've noticed in Augie since switching him over to Napa Fresh is his beautiful soft coat. One of my favorite changes is his breath is no longer offensive. His eyes are bright and he has spring in his step. Let's face it, all pugs love to eat but now at feeding time he offers up a few extra happy dance moves for Napa Fresh! The best part is that I can sleep at night knowing what's in my dog's food and where it comes from.



Jennifer and Her

Service Dog Family

All my dogs are beyond thankful to have found you, and your amazing fresh dog food!! I have tried many brands of the frozen, raw products you can purchase at stores and they were not even close to yours. Nothing has made them as happy as your blend. They are loving every bite. Thank you for providing such a high quality product for our hard working service animals. They deserve nothing but the best and your product is just that.

Theo, Sasha, and Keenan

When Theodore began to have severe GI issues we followed all the vet's instructions & prescription foods. He didn’t feel well nearly any day, would not play for weeks on end, fur was coarse, stool was soft very frequent and most of all, he didn’t even want to eat the nasty food given to him no matter what we tried. After thousands of dollars in vet bills we heard of Karen and her passion for animals and her products. After our own research and reluctancy we said we had nothing else to lose and tried her products after she answered every last question we had. The only regret we have is not transitioning to NAPA Fresh much sooner. Theodore is now full of life again, fur is silky smooth, stool immediately became formed and most of all he LOVES eating. I cannot thank Karen and her drive to provide the best food for our Frenchies and giving a happy and healthy life back to our little boy, Theodore. Thank you so much.

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