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Allergies and Skin Problems, Again.

Yikes, almost daily we get inquiries from yet another dog lover about skin problems, like Kaiden's. Last week was no different.

It's important for all of us to realize that many times, these "allergies", as I've discussed many times before, are caused by something we are feeding to our dogs! If your dog's skin isn't healthy-looking, or if his/her fur isn't soft and shiny, if your dog is itchy or has dry, irritated, or worse, has bloody patches, a fresh raw diet will likely solve the problem and end your dog's suffering from so-called "allergies", like it has for our other friends.

Mass-produced, manufactured pet food contains nothing but dry, processed, inferior ingredients, with added synthetic nutrients and vitamins to replace all the nutrients lost in processing. There isn't one fresh whole unprocessed food item in any bag or can of food on the planet. It is not possible. Over time these ingredients can, and often do, wreak havoc with our beloved dog's organs, including skin.

Does it make sense to medicate these dogs using drugs that have other side effects, and are expensive? Or does it make sense to simply feed a fresh diet with known, whole, fresh, unprocessed ingredients?

Your decision.

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