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Blondie's Results with Leap Years

We started our oldest girl, Blondie, age 12, on Leap Years about one month ago.

If you remember, Leap Years is a new supplement made by Animal Bioscience in Boston, based on the work of David Sinclair, who runs the Sinclair Lab at Harvard, researching longevity and genetics. His work is nothing short of amazing.

The supplement works! Read the fascinating science of how and why HERE.

Blondie began showing signs of slowing down, and had difficulty getting up, which is common for giant breed dogs especially as they age, and has happened to many of our dogs over the years. It's hard to watch.

After two weeks on Leap Years, we began to notice subtle changes! She had less difficulty getting up, and began acting more like her younger self! After a month, she gets up every morning with enthusiasm, wagging her tail, and has no difficulty getting up anymore.

We're so happy we started her on Leap Years, and we're going to keep her on it.

Check out their web site and read the reviews of others that have tried Leap Years for their own dogs. The stories are heartwarming.

If your dog is half of his/her anticipated expected age, you might want to consider Leap Years to keep them happy and moving, and even help with cognition as they age. Right now they are offering discounts, especially for subscriptions, plus 25% off your first order. It's definitely worth it!

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