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Cancer Hits Hard

Every January, this video pops up, and is a great reminder of the progress we've made enhancing the lives and health of so many local dogs, including ours.

This video was made 4 years ago, when Napa Fresh was 7 years old. It still holds true today. The cancer rate in our dogs is almost zero - only one incidence in over 12 years, in one of our oldest girls, who was over 12, an unusually old age for a giant breed dog.

Prior to feeding Napa Fresh, virtually all of our dogs were diagnosed with cancer, some as young as 7. It was heartbreaking. Since stopping kibble and canned food, and ALL processed food, everything changed.

While we can never guarantee that your dog will never get cancer while being fed Napa Fresh, we can guarantee that the ingredients in Napa Fresh are the freshest available, and that we use no additives, nothing artificial, and nothing processed. In fact, all of our ingredients are fit for human consumption, and sourced locally at the same places you source your own food.

We feel strongly that dogs deserve nothing less than premium, fresh food.

It has helped our dogs remain healthy for a long, long time, longer than they every have in the 40 plus years we have owned the breed.

Our visits to the vet are few and far between.

Watch our video here - wait a second or two for the correct video to pop up:

If you're still on the fence, just get in touch and we'll talk.

We're happy to provide you with free samples of Napa Fresh for your dog to try.

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