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Choosing Your Dog's Best Food

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

There are several considerations when making such an important decision as to what to feed your dog. We all want to feed our dogs the best possible diet for health, happiness, and longevity. And what you feed your dog is literally the only thing that you, as his owner and guardian, have full control over.

Food is the most critical factor when it comes to health. It is the very foundation of good health, and the decisions you make have consequences, both good and bad.

Dr. Billinghurst teaches that, in his 50 years of experience in his own practice and with his own dogs, dogs fed a diet of manufactured "food", or "fake food" as he calls it, are without question the ones he sees the most in his practice. He says from the moment we open that first bag of dog food, that dog will need veterinary care for serious issues, at some point, or throughout its entire life. And, that the dogs fed a diet of fresh raw foods that he recommends are by far, the healthiest and longest lived. They rarely get diabetes or cancer for example.

Many, many of us have fallen for the cheap-and-convenient method of feeding our dogs and cats, at the same time believing that it's also the healthiest option. We think we just open the bag and pour it into a bowl, and good health will follow. Paradoxically, our dogs suffer.

Problems might start with digestive issues like vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, gas, or skin problems that simply don't resolve, even with prescription medications and yucky prescription diets (did you ever read the ingredients on those labels?). Since it takes time for improper food to damage organs, some issues can develop over time, like diabetes and especially cancer. And of course there is the typical gum disease and tartar caked so badly that our dogs need to be anesthetized for a "dental".

Many, many times, it's the food that's causing the problem in the first place.

Dr. Billinghurst, considered the "father" of fresh raw feeding for our dogs and cats, has demonstrated throughout his career that feeding our dogs an evolutionary diet consisting of the foods a dog was designed by nature to digest and utilize easily, enables the dog to thrive with vibrant health and vitality, throughout a very long life.

Doesn't it make sense? We feed other animals in our care, like horses, goats, and all other livestock, a natural diet, grass, grains, etc. We even feed our other house pets like rabbits, birds and hamsters a diet that they were designed by nature to eat, but not our dogs or cats.

We are brainwashed into thinking the best and healthiest food comes in dry, processed nuggets, made from the most inferior and disgusting ingredients, waste (garbage) from the human food industry, and other ingredients including euthanized animals, road kill, and other "scrapings" that one renderer talked about at a recent meeting of the AAFCO by saying "if I can find it, I can grind it" and sell it to dog food companies. This is completely legal and acceptable in the mulit-billion dollar manufactured dog food industry.

At Napa Fresh, using anything but FDA Inspected-and-approved-for-human-consumption ingredients is not acceptable. We produce small, simple batches of fresh, ground whole food containing 70% meat and bones, and all of the other fresh whole foods that Dr. Billinghurst prescribes in his formula.

We have happily witnessed first-hand the benefits with not only our own dogs over the past 8 years, but with hundreds of our customers' dogs. Vibrancy, shiny, healthy coats, proper weight; lots of muscle. No dentals, no cancer, no diabetes, no skin problems, no gas! The big thing for us is no cancer in 8 years, since we began feeding Dr. Billingurst's diet.

Feeding our dogs Napa Fresh has been the best decision we have made for our own dogs' health in almost 40 years of owning the breed. Our dogs are living longer and healthier lives than they ever have in the past - we have 4 thirteen year old dogs right now, this is an unusual statistic for a giant breed.

Visits to our beloved vet are few and far between. We kinda' miss him, but we couldn't be happier with the benefits we, and our dogs, are enjoying!

If you have questions about the best food to feed the dog(s) you adore, please feel free to share them with us: or 508-451-4519. Also watch our Learning Videos, Karen's Secrets here.

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