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Cooper's Story

Over the years, I have shared many stories about how Napa Fresh has made a positive impact in the health of not only our dogs, but in our friends'/customers' dogs. When I tell the stories, invariably I am asked to actually write them, and share them with as many dog owners as I can reach. Here is one of them.

Debby & Cooper

Debby placed an order for her best bud and very handsome dude, Cooper, several months ago, out of complete desperation. When she told me what was happening to Cooper, and all he was going through, I found it so upsetting. Debby obviously cared a great deal for Cooper. He was chewing his feet to the point of open wounds that would not go away. Two solid years of suffering, medications, including Prednisone, sprays, shampoos, booties, you name it, Debby tried it all on the advice of her veterinarians. She even resorted to vet-prescribed Hills Science diet, the food that no educated dog owner wants to inflict upon a dog they love. Nothing helped.

One of the technicians at one of her vets' offices told her about Highmeadow Farm and our fresh raw, ready-to-serve food, Napa Fresh. Instinctively Debby knew his problems had something to do with food since Cooper could never digest kibble. She asked her local vet about it, who happens to knows us, and recommended giving it a try.

Debby, and her Handsome Dude, Cooper

"Both he and I were miserable. The last resort I told myself was moving him to raw. But I didn’t want to get into feeding him chicken feet and gizzards, it seemed like so much work and I wasn’t prepared for it. I hemmed and hawed a bit, but finally took the plunge and placed an order for Napa Fresh. Karen was wonderful answering all my questions when I picked up my food. AMAZINGLY, his feet started to heal! He went from chewing to just licking, and then he stopped altogether! It was glorious, he was finally able to walk and run again without consequences.

One more change with Napa Fresh. Whenever he would stay overnight at boarding, he never wanted to eat. They even tried to hand feed him (bless the entire staff for taking such good care), but even then he just didn’t want to. Last week when I picked him up after a stay, they told me they were shocked he ate finally, with gusto!!"

Debby and Cooper's experience is one of so many we have heard about first hand. What I am struck most by, is that some have come to accept their dog's "sensitive tummy" diagnosis, or a diagnosis of an "unknown" "allergy", and continue to give prescription diets made of disgusting, smelly, inferior ingredients, and/or supplements and medications, one right after the other that often don't work, and carry the risk of undesirable side effects.

Sometimes, it's just the food.

What could be more natural than feeding a dog what his digestive system was designed by nature to thrive upon? Fresh food, simple ingredients, unprocessed. We all have common sense. We know enough not to put gas in a diesel engine. Why do we think it's OK to feed our dogs garbage, literal garbage, processed beyond recognition to the point of being fake, and looking fake. It's so bad that the manufacturers have to add more synthetic garbage ingredients to give it any nutritional value at all, as questionable as it might be, then be surprised when our beloved dogs have health problems, or their teeth are caked with tartar, or their coats are blotchy, or they lick their feet, or they just plain smell bad?

Would we raise a child on Cheez-its? Or Froot Loops? To make matters worse, sometimes it takes years for the problems caused by fake food to surface.

Thankfully, more and more local dog owners, and dogs, are finding us. And I will continue to tell their stories.

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