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Do You Need Supplements?

Are supplements necessary when feeding Napa Fresh? We get this question fairly often.

Dr. Billinghurst states "...a properly formulated Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet will contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals, which will be delivered in a biologically appropriate form and should therefore not need to be supplemented." He goes on to say "For most pet animals fed a broadly based, well-constructed B.A.R.F. diet, vitamin and mineral supplement

ation will usually not be necessary. Some animals with specific needs, in particular life stages, or suffering particular health problems may need supplementation of vitamins, and possibly minerals, over and above basic B.A.R.F."

So for the vast majority of normal, healthy dogs, supplementation is not needed, with the exception of fresh cod liver oil, which Dr. Billinghurst recommends. He says "if you supplement with nothing else, supplement with fresh cod liver oil."

If your dog is suffering an illness or has health issues, it is always best to consult with your veterinarian before adding supplements, because over-supplementation is unwise for the health of your dog, and can actually cause harm.

In our large kennel at Highmeadow Farm, we have taken Dr. Billinghurst's advice, and have fed his Biologically Appropriate Raw Food formula to our dogs, exclusively, for over ten years, and have supplemented only with fresh cod liver oil, as recommended. Our results have been amazing. Our dogs are healthy into old age.

If you have questions about supplementation, our favorite integrative veterinarian, Dr. Kevin Landau, is the expert in this field, and is highly recommended.

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