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Dr. Billinghurst, Bugs

So, what's holding you back from feeding your dog the evolutionary diet he/she was designed by nature to thrive upon? Is it Bugs, Bones, or Balance? Dr. Billinghurst first discusses Bugs.....


Bacteria is certainly a concern, no matter what you feed your dog. Even dry processed food can and does contain bacteria, and there have been hundreds of recalls as a result of bacterial contamination. Where the food you feed your dog comes from and how it is handled is very important, as important as it is for human food, and it is important to know the difference between a dog's digestive tract and a human's.

Firstly, a fresh raw diet must be sourced from meats fit for human consumption according to the most reliable source we have, the USDA. It should be frozen first, then kept cold until feeding time. Fresh food should never be left out long enough to grow bacteria, then placed back in the refrigerator or freezer. It should be handled as you handle any type of raw meat for your family, then it is considered "safe".

Because dogs evolved as scavengers over millions of years, their immune systems and digestive systems are faster and stronger than a human's, meaning their ability to handle bacteria and not get sick from it is better. We have all seen the disgusting things that our dogs eat without getting sick! Ugh! That doesn't mean we should assume that dogs never get sick from bacteria, but if fresh raw food is sourced, stored, and handled properly, bacteria is simply not an issue, according to Dr. Billinghurst.

We can attest that we've been feeding our own dogs a fresh raw diet for many years, and simply have not had issues with bacteria. We source our meat from a butcher that most of us know and many deal with, and our local supermarkets. Our veggies and most other ingredients like yogurt and eggs come from the same sources. We handle Napa Fresh as we handle our own food, with common sense.

Next week we will address BONES.

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