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Fresh Raw Food vs Kibble

Which is better for YOUR dog?

Eight years ago, we began feeding Napa Fresh to our own dogs, and haven't had a cancer diagnosis since that time, even though we have multiple dogs, as old as 13 1/2, all healthy and vibrant.

Previously, all of our dogs were diagnosed with cancer, as early as 7 years old. They were, apparently, genetically pre-disposed. What is the scientific reason switching to a fresh, raw, whole foods diet works to prevent and reverse even diseases that seem to be inherited?

Karen with Meadow, healthy and 10 plus years old.

We’re putting in the wrong spare parts, the wrong fuel, the wrong lubricant. And we’re maintaining our dogs very badly, as if it was a car and we used a bad mechanic. If you put in what the dog was designed to use by evolution, the food that it was designed to eat by evolution, then suddenly it functions better.” ~Dr. Ian Billinghurst

What changed with our dogs? Here is a quick video about the science. It has to do with homocysteine, inflammation, and gene expression, all dramatically effected by what we feed our dogs.

We can't begin to say how joyful we are after making this discovery, and experiencing, first-hand, the results. Our dogs remain as healthy as they can possibly be, even into old age, because their organs have the ability now to function normally for a very long time.

Do you have comments or questions? Please feel free to get in touch. 508-451-4519

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