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Henry & Peter

Itchy Skin, Digestive Problems, and Lack of Appetite

Owned by a devoted dog mom, Lisa, Henry & Peter are adorable, loving little dudes. Now bright-eyed and vibrant, they weren't always feeling their best.

For many months, Lisa spent thousands of dollars on veterinarians, an allergy specialist, prescription medications, injections, and hundreds of different foods to treat Henry's inflamed, red, itchy skin, with no results.

Henry continued to suffer; biting, scratching, and licking himself.

Finally, Lisa discovered Napa Fresh. She recognized all of the locally-sourced ingredients in our all-natural food made with fresh, whole, unprocessed ingredients fit for human consumption.

After only one week on Napa Fresh, Henry's skin was transformed. He healed and stopped biting and scratching. Hurray for Henry (pictured below)! What a relief.

As a bonus, Napa Fresh resolved two other health issues. Poor Peter was pooping 5 or 6 times a day! Something was very wrong. After Napa Fresh, Peter and Henry are producing beautiful, formed, normal poops, twice a day. As dog lovers, we all know how important poops are.

Lastly, these little guys had little interest in their food before Napa Fresh. Things have changed dramatically.

Now, Peter knocks on his bowl to remind Lisa it's time for Napa Fresh. They both stand in front of the freezer just to be sure she doesn't forget! They no longer beg or look for treats. Their little bellies are satisfied.

Like many dog owners, Lisa learned the hard way that many dogs cannot tolerate, let alone thrive, on the disgusting, inferior, processed ingredients (garbage, actually) found in mass-produced dog food. It's no wonder that some dogs don't even want to eat it. And if they do, often times health conditions develop over time; they sneak up on us. And sometimes by the time they are noticed, it's too late to resolve them.

It has been our experience at Napa Fresh, that serving fresh, whole food is more powerful than any drug in preventing and reversing illness and disease for many dogs.

Lisa finally found the answer for her beloved Henry and Peter! And we're so happy to be part of their health transformation. Thank you Lisa, for sharing Henry and Peter's amazing story with us.

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