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If We Knew Then.....

Whenever I mention our experience with cancer, more dog owners come forward to share their heartbreaks. It's actually more than just heartbreaking.

Most of us have lost beloved dogs to cancer.

If we knew 40 years ago what we know now, well, things would have been different; fewer of our dogs would have suffered. Most would have lived longer lives with us.

We would have suffered less.

The good news is that now we know! It's not just coincidence that our dogs are living longer, healthier lives, and that our vet has not had to render a cancer diagnosis in over 8 years.

Nope, it's the food. It's 8 years of feeding a fresh, raw, whole foods diet.

Our dogs' organs are functioning normally. Their bodies were designed by nature to work properly when consuming the right kind of food, the kind nature intended them to thrive upon.

We realize that our beautiful dogs won't live forever, no matter what we feed them, however, they are, in fact, living longer, and healthier, than they ever have in the 40 years we've owned this breed.

For a giant breed dog from a blood line apparently pre-disposed for cancer, this is significant.

Yes, I know this is all pretty basic stuff. Easy to understand. But, not everyone has this information and we're trying hard to spread the word - after all, who wants to see their dog suffer?

Amie and many others in our Napa Fresh community are helping to spread the good news.....

Thank you so much for helping so many of us make the same changes for our fur babies. My husband and I have lost nearly every one of our babies to cancer at younger ages and are so happy to know that what we feed our current babies won't contribute to that diagnosis. - Amie

Do you have questions? Comments? Just get in touch.

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