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In Good Company

Fridays are a favorite day here at Highmeadow Farm. It's the day that most of our friends/customers come to not only pick up their Napa Fresh orders for their furry kids, but to spend a little time visiting. Connecting with like-minded dog moms and dads is so very enjoyable.

Yesterday we served warm chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa as our friends arrived, very much appreciated because the weather outside was simply frightful! Cold and blustery was an understatement, but visiting inside was delightful. We spent a lot of time catching up and hearing about each dog and how they were doing in terms of health, behavior, training, showing, breeding, and just plain enjoying life as a healthy, active, vibrant dog. We never tire of hearing these stories - it makes all the work we do very rewarding.

We learned how our favorite Pug puppy, Hammy, did at his first shows from Laura. Julie and Amy came later, after work, and I so enjoyed chatting with them about one of their dogs, Maisie, whose behavior has actually improved, along with her appetite! We have read about how a fresh diet can effect a dog's behavior in a very positive way, and this is not the first time our friends have shared their wonderful news with us. But, doesn't it make sense? We realize now that nutrition education is the key to raising and keeping a healthy, long-lived dog, along with some common sense.

Donna shared a history of her breed, Chinooks, originating in New Hampshire. It was fascinating to hear about this relatively rare breed and how she and other breeders are moving forward with their breeding programs. Donna has been feeding a fresh raw diet to her dogs forever, and explained how the health and vitality of her dogs far surpasses others she knows that are fed commercial diets. Our experience has been the same, and it is so rewarding to hear from others. It never ceases to amaze us how something so simple, so common-sense, can have such positive impact on our beloved dogs.

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