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Jazzy & Dylan, So Full of Life

Sharon and John have been members of the Napa Fresh family for just over three years. Their beautiful Schnauzers, Jazzy and Dylan, exemplify the vibrancy that Napa Fresh can achieve in a relatively short period of time.

When I finally met Jazzy for the first time, I was astounded at how bright-eyed, healthy, and white she was. Sharon then told me the real story, recently writing it for us with photos. After seeing the photos, I was amazed that this was the same dog. And Dylan is also the picture of health - shiny coat, proper weight, bright eyes, and lots of energy. Again, that wasn't how things started.

Obviously, Sharon and John made the right choice for their beloved dogs.

Jazzy today, bright white and full of vibrancy.

Sharon writes "Jazzy came to us from Houston, Texas in January of 2017 with awful stains under her eyes and on her feet. She also had dry flaky skin on her back. We started her on an exclusive Napa Fresh diet and now her white fur is a bright white even under her eyes! (Of course that’s if she hasn’t been playing in the dirt!) No more flaky skin either!

All since feeding her Napa Fresh.

Jazzy, before Napa Fresh.

Dylan also came to us from Houston, Texas about a year after Jazzy. She was on a prescription diet when she arrived because she experienced diarrhea with anything else she ate. They had done a variety of tests on her trying to determine the reason for her sensitive digestive system but found nothing that would explain it. Very shortly after we began feeding her Napa Fresh all her digestive issues cleared up! We were thrilled! What a relief!

Dylan, as healthy and beautiful as can be.

Both dogs are full of energy. Jazzy, who we think is somewhere between 7 and 10 years old has the energy of a puppy! Always pulling out a toy ready to play with anyone who will notice her.

Dylan, who we're pretty sure will be 7 this month, loves to run! We take her out in our field and she’ll sprint across it just for fun!

It’s a joy to see both dogs so full of life and feeling their best."

We couldn't be happier for Jazzy and Dylan.

Thanks, Sharon, for sharing their amazing transformation!

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