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Kaiden's Amazing Story

Jon brought his handsome yellow lab, Kaiden, to the farm on a lovely, sunny day a little more than two weeks ago, and we sat at the picnic table and visited. Jon shared with me the frustration he was having with finding solutions for poor Kaiden's dry, itchy, scabby skin, and brittle, dry coat. The expensive prescription diets, medications, and injections were to no avail. Jon was right - Kaiden's coat felt dry and brittle, and it was falling out as I stroked him. His skin was dry and flaky, and he had patches of irritated, bare skin and scabs.

I shared with Jon several stories of other dogs with similar problems, seemingly the result of some of the nasty ingredients in commercial dog food, including prescription diets, and/or side effects from the medications. I encouraged Jon to try Kaiden on Napa Fresh, and nothing else, for a few weeks to see if things improved, like so many of the other Napa Fresh dogs.

Jon tried a Napa Fresh sampler, and Kaiden loved it! He got back in touch right away and placed a big order so Kaiden could continue with fresh, unprocessed food for the first time ever, with great hopes that Kaiden would feel better over time.

Last night, we got a note from Jon (these always make me cry):

Karen: We are so happy with the results we are seeing in Kaiden since starting him on Napa Fresh. I know we only started Feeding him Napa Fresh 2 weeks ago But we have already seen great improvements in his skin & coat. As discussed for the past year we have been on a limited ingredient / prescriptions dog food roller coaster in search of a solution for Kaiden’s sudden dry skin, sore dry patches and paw licking. We were also visiting the vet for expensive shots every 6-8 weeks to relieve his itching. I was becoming frustrated with this process and looking for a better solution. I had seen posts for your Napa Fresh dog food online and was intrigued. The testimonials from your customers and their uplifting stories convinced me to make the change for Kaiden to Napa Fresh.

So far so good. Kaiden loves all the variety of flavors and has never been happier than he is now at mealtime. His dry skin has improved dramatically and scabs are gone. His coat is much softer like when he was a puppy. He seems to be much calmer. He is a happy dog. He’s looking forward to trying the Summer Pumpkin in his next order. Thank you Karen. See you Friday. Jon

Yes, this is why we make so much Napa Fresh, and will continue to do so. Kaiden is a happy dog, which makes us even happier. Thank you so very much, Jon, for sharing this story with us! We look forward to seeing Kaiden again.

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