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Picky Eaters and "Allergies"

Almost every week we hear from dog moms and dads about their picky eaters, and dogs with "allergies of unknown origin".

In almost every case (in fact we can't think of one that wasn't helped) switching to Napa Fresh, which contains all fresh, human-grade and dog-friendly ingredients, makes all the difference.

We hear about dogs switched to Napa Fresh, who began looking forward to meal times again, and regained their vibrancy and energy. Many of these poor dogs were actually ignoring their meals, or not eating at all.

There are so many customers who tell us about their dogs who became far less itchy, or not itchy at all. Their skin healed, their fur grew back shinier than ever, and everyone is happy. And of course we hear about so many dogs whose digestive systems are functioning properly again.

Watch our video about picky eaters here.

Napa Fresh is so easy to digest, it doesn't even require a transition period.

As dog lovers we need to understand that the huge dog food manufacturers, no matter what the photos on the packaging seem to imply, do not use fresh, human-grade ingredients. Instead they use rendered meat dried into powders, and other feed-grade ingredients, with many, many mysterious ingredients. Fake food. Over time these ingredients can do much harm to the dogs we adore. And, who knows which weird ingredient your dog is reacting to? Truth is no one does.

To make matters worse, the vast majority of medications used to treat allergies and digestive issues carry the risk of side effects, a pretty scary thought as far as we're concerned.

We'll continue to feed all of our dogs Napa Fresh, and to make plenty to share.

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