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Riley Feels Better

Thanks to Lauren & Rob talking to Riley's mom, Rose, Riley feels so much better.

Rose came to talk to us in desperation, but, with hope.

Riley has been experiencing severe side effects from some heavy-duty drug therapy and some "high quality pet store" brand of food. Riley was miserable and Rose was so worried.

After one week on Napa Fresh, we heard from Rose, which of course, made me cry:

"Thought I would give you an update on how Riley is doing after a about a week on the new diet.

I am happy to report that he is now much more comfortable and his restlessness has all but subsided. Clearly he was having some GI issues that were not giving any outward symptoms.

He is back to enjoying his soft bed and sleeping through the night.

We are so happy to not have him flip-flopping on the hardwood or tile floor all night.

We decided to lightly cook it (so long as he is in chemo) and he absolutely LOVES it!! I must admit he's not the most patient while I prepare it for him. You would think he ran a!

For months we have been trying to find answers about why he was behaving this way from both the oncologist and our local vet. Neither of them would spend much time discussing what could be causing his discomfort and certainly they did not mention anything about his diet. So frustrating as this is such an easy fix and almost immediately he felt better. Feeling guilty we hadn't switched him sooner."

This is why we make Napa Fresh. Thank you Rose for sharing Riley's story, and Lauren and Rob for telling Rose about Napa Fresh.

We hope Riley continues to improve and remains a happy boy!

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