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Sydney & Lisa

We've been lucky enough to know Lisa for the past five years, and have met every one of the dogs she has fostered during that time. Knowledgeable, educated and experienced, with a seemingly magical touch for making dogs in need feel loved and secure, Lisa has been feeding Napa Fresh to all of them because she knows that truly simple, healthy, fresh raw food, as nature intended, can work wonders for a dog's health and happiness. And, that is what Lisa's ultimate goal is for every lucky dog that gets to be her foster.

In June, a stray Australian Cattle Dog wandering in SC was rescued by the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association, the organization that Lisa is connected with, and was in need of fostering. This frightened, confused girl, Sydney, arrived at Lisa's home in July. Lisa would probably tell you that it was love at first sight - it certainly seemed that way to me! In August, Lisa became Sydney's forever Dog Mom.

Lisa is also a talented photographer, and posts many photos of her new girl and their adventures on her Facebook page. Even so, I was shocked to see the photos Lisa posted of Sydney in June, when she was rescued, compared to now, about 8 months later. Stunning. She is a different dog.

During Sydney's initial medical exam it was discovered that she had an abscess, or so the veterinarian thought. It turned out to be gunshot wound, which was then treated successfully. This poor girl had been through so much.

But, look at her now! Confident and happy, Sydney is fit, glowing with good health, lean, and muscled, the tell-tale signs of a well-cared-for, loved dog that is fed a fresh raw diet and gets plenty of exercise. Her coat is lovely - I have run my fingers through it! And apparently she has plenty of energy and vibrancy, hiking on weekends endlessly with Lisa, all over New England.

This is one of the greatest stories to tell to dog lovers, and we're grateful to Lisa for sharing Sydney's remarkable transformation with us.

Click below to watch Sydney's video....

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