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The Amazing Miss Mayday, Beating the Odds

Mayday is 13 1/2 years young, adopted as a puppy by Cathy in 2006.

We've known Cathy and Mayday for the past 6 years, when Cathy began serving Mayday yummy meals of Napa Fresh. Her coat became silky again, her eye discharge stopped, and she loved her Napa Fresh. Mayday is one of the original Napa Girls!

In 2016, at age 9, Mayday was diagnosed with cancer, and had a large, ugly mast cell tumor removed from her thigh. It was a tough decision for Cathy and her husband, Rich, to agree to this major surgery because of Mayday's advanced age, but, Mayday was a very healthy girl in all other respects, so they moved forward. The surgery was successful. And, Cathy is certain that great nutrition, along with lots of love helped Mayday not only survive her surgery, but thrive afterward.

It all makes sense, according to Dr. Billinghurst. Mayday's cells are functioning normally because of the fresh, nutritious food she is being fed. She was able to heal completely, and all organs are healthy, almost 4 years later, with no cancer recurrence. Mayday still goes with Cathy on mile-long walks, and still climbs up and down 4 flights of stairs to their condo in Boston! Unbelievable.

Cathy believes that we, as dog owners, always try to do our best, but, nutrition education is sorely lacking when it comes to feeding the dogs we adore and treat like family. Many of us have been convinced by the huge dog food manufacturers that their food, made from dehydrated, processed

garbage, literal garbage, is the "natural, healthy" way to feed our dogs. A little knowledge and a bit of common sense tells most of us that are exposed to proper education that mass-manufactured dog food is certainly not the healthiest option for long term health and well-being. In fact, it is a detriment to health over time for many many dogs.

Fortunately, Mayday isn't one of those poor dogs, and is definitely beating the odds, right along with our little group of 13 year old girls here at Highmeadow Farm. Yes, Dr. Billinghurst is right, and we thank him for our incredibly healthy, happy seniors.

Miss Mayday is truly one amazing girl.

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