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The Napa Fresh Community

While away at the Cape for a few days, we realized that Napa Fresh is being discovered more and more, every week, and has grown amazingly into a wonderful community of educated, health-conscious dog lovers who want their dogs to live long, happy and healthy lives with them, for as long as possible.

It's a wonderful feeling for us to help fulfill that mission, that desire, the ultimate goal that all dog lovers have.

We love our work. Since we made our first batch of Napa Fresh in 2012, we have not had so say good-bye to even one of our many dogs, due to cancer, which prompted us to find a better way to feed our dogs in the first place. Priceless. We were losing every dog, as young as 7, to cancer. Was it partially genetics? Yes, likely, however, as Dr. Billinghurst teaches, you can do something about the environment, the food we feed, to combat the genes, boost the immune system, allow organs to function normally, and keep cancer cells at bay. As many know, we have several dogs living with us now, that are not only healthy, but over 13 years old. For a giant breed dog, this is highly unusual.

Yes, it's the food.

Our own dogs have experienced so many health benefits, and many more with our community's dogs. In fact, during visits last Friday we heard yet another story from Lisa, who is devoted to her Frenchie, her best friend. She told us that two weeks prior to trying Napa Fresh, she had all but given up that her dog would ever recover from severe skin issues: itching, bare, bloody patches, and scratching. Clearly this little dog was suffering, and was on all of the usual drugs, injections, sprays, and shampoos for his "allergies", all to no avail. Oh, and the expensive testing besides. Lisa was at wit's end.

When Lisa placed her order, she said she could hardly wait to see us on Friday to share some news. We were both in tears as she shared this news. Already, the skin was healing and the fur was growing back. The itching stopped, her little friend was finally recovering, after all this time. She was so relieved, and so very happy. She promises to send photos.

And there is Laura's Augie, a handsome pug who celebrated his 14th birthday this past weekend. Lisa writes "He had suffered from chronic ailments like ear infections, dull skin and fur, bad breath, and clogged anal glands. After switching him to Napa Fresh everything turned around. I truly believe that he would not be thriving and growing old with dignity without your recipes." Again, we are so happy to be part of Augie's long, happy, healthy life. As a dog lover, what could be more fulfilling than hearing that? Yup, cried when I read that too.

Thanks to our Napa Fresh Community, our community grows, we become stronger, we spread the healthy word. It's definitely the food! We hope you continue to share and to help other like-minded dog lovers discover the healing, rejuvenating powers of Napa Fresh.

If you are new to our community, or are interested in meeting us and others, you are invited to spend some (socially-distanced) time in our big, cool barn on Fridays from 1pm to 3pm. Please email, call or text Karen to let us know. Fridays have become mini (safe) community gatherings.


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