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Until Last Night

Last night, as he does every Tuesday, Kevin visited with Mike Romano at Romano's Market in Fitchburg, to pick up fresh lamb, beef, and turkey, dropped it off into our huge refrigerators in our Napa Fresh kitchen here at the Farm, then continued on to Ayer Shop & Save to pick up 160 pounds of beautiful, fresh chicken quarters, 60 pounds of hearts and gizzards and the majority of our other fresh ingredients, produce, yogurt, eggs, etc., that now barely fits in the back of his SUV!

As he was checking out at the customer service desk with three shopping carts stacked high with awesome freshness, the customer service clerk, a dog lover, introduced Kevin to a friendly, burly man because he happened to be there, is a friend, and happens to be a dog dad too! She knows that all of these ingredients are being used to make Napa Fresh.

This man was shocked to learn that all of these ingredients were being prepped and made into fresh dog food, tomorrow.

He was astounded that this was even possible, as he owned two lovely English Bulldogs, one of which was having severe skin problems, requiring constant visits to the vet, countless drugs and tests (including Prednisone), plus an expensive prescription diet, so smelly and disgusting that the dog refused to eat, all to no avail. The vet said it was an unidentified food allergy. He was very worried about his girl, and very frustrated.

When Kevin told me this, I wanted to cry. This reminded me of Cooper's story, and many others we have met at Highmeadow Farm.

This loving dog dad has been unable to get a good night's sleep in months because his poor dog licks and chews her skin all night long. And this man is indeed educated; he knows what goes into most dog food is literal crap, until last night.

Napa Fresh to the rescue. Story to be continued......

In the meantime, visit or call us at 508-451-4519.

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