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Update on Kaiden

As promised, Jon came to the farm on Friday to pick up more Napa Fresh for Kaiden. We sat at the picnic table again with Kaiden, in all his glory, wagging his tail, happy to see me, bright-eyed, and looking so different.

Here's what I noticed right away:

1. Kaiden's coat! It felt soft, like a puppy coat, just as Jon described. Remember, when I felt his his coat a few weeks ago, it was course, dry and brittle and I'm sure very uncomfortable.

2. The scabs were gone, along with the irritated, dry patches under his front legs!

3. His skin was no longer dry and flaky.

4. I could see the beginnings of a waistline.

One other thing that Jon mentioned was very interesting to me - that Kaiden was calmer. Does this mean he had been experiencing side effects from the medication he was on to treat his skin issues? Or was he just so uncomfortable because of the condition of his skin and coat? We'll never know for sure.

A fresh, raw food, using ingredients fit for human consumption, veterinarian-formulated, with a lot of variety and a bit of cod liver oil was precisely what Kaiden needed to heal. Kaiden is another great example of all the reasons that a commercial diet, even an expensive prescription diet, which uses cheap grains and corn, and God-only-knows what else, isn't a healthy way to feed our beloved dogs.

To us, it makes more sense to try Napa Fresh to resolve skin or digestive issues, or other health issues. Dr. Billinghurst teaches that a fresh, natural, evolutionary diet enables a dog's body to function properly and to heal. We don't think it makes any sense to treat symptoms instead of the cause of skin problems, digestive problems, and many other common maladies in our dogs. The foundation of ultimate good health is whole, fresh food, not processed fake food. That makes perfect sense.

It's no wonder that Kaiden is happy, and looking forward to his meals again. Jon is just as happy, and so are we.

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