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We love them even more....

Napa Fresh Yak Chew Bars are simply amazing. Not only are they all-natural, hand-crafted, genuine, and made with three simple ingredients with no preservatives or harmful chemicals, but they last for a very long time, and nothing goes to waste.

What do I mean by that?

If you monitor the size of the chew, and replace it when it gets too small (and we should all be doing that), microwave it for a minute to a minute and a half, and voila! It becomes a giant cheese puff! The cheese puff is hard, so guess what? More teeth cleaning takes place. Our dogs love, love, love the cheese puffs. Every morsel is happily crunched.

Mickey and Alex have three lovely German Shepherds that adore their Chew Bars too. They shared with us a really neat holder for small pieces, or even the whole bar. Take a look here.

These chew bars are an amazing, highly beneficial addition to Napa Fresh; they fit perfectly with our philosophy. If you haven't tried them yet for the dog(s) you adore, we've got a fresh batch coming!

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