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What's so great about Cod Liver Oil?

You have all heard me harp on cod liver oil. It is the one all-around supplement that Dr. Billinghurst talks about. He says "If you give no other supplement, give fresh cod liver oil."

Why is cod liver oil so important?

Cod liver oil, specifically, is an anti-inflammatory.

It helps with:

  • skin

  • joints/arthritis

  • mood & agression

  • cardiac health

We've been supplementing Napa Fresh with cod liver oil for over 11 years now, and can see that this combination is helping our giant breed dogs live longer and healthier lives, because they don't suffer from arthritis until they are very, very old dogs, and their hearts and skin are healthy.

Here is a comprehensive article I came across recently on a UK website that is well worth the few minutes it takes to read.

In the meantime, be sure you are giving your precious dog(s) their daily dose of fresh Cod Liver Oil!

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