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Healthy Essentials Starter Bundle

Healthy Essentials Starter Bundle

At last! Everything you need to start healthy. Contains 24 containers; one sleeve of each protein: chicken, beef, turkey, and lamb, PLUS a bottle of premium, fresh Icelandic Cod Liver Oil. 


This is enough for a dog  weighing 25 pounds for 24 days, normally a more-than-adequate trial period to resolve many appetite, digestive (sensitive tummy), and skin issues, including itching, licking, raw patches, dry skin, brittle coat, and staining. 


Feed your dog nothing but Napa Fresh during the trial period, rotate the recipes, and dose with cod liver oil. Feed 2% of ideal body weight per day, split into two meals.  For example, a dog weighing 25 pounds would start with 8 oz (one container) per day. Rounding the amount of Napa Fresh required is fine.


Napa Fresh can easily be warmed in the microwave if desired.


Please call Karen 508-451-4519 with questions.


  • Recipe Rotation is Important

    Rotating recipes is recommended by Dr. Billinghurst to insure that, over time, your dog is getting a variety of proteins and other nutrients necessary for complete and balanced nutrition. The only supplement Dr. Billinghurst insists upon is fresh Cod Liver Oil. 

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