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RIBS are fabulous for not only chewing pleasure, but for teeth cleaning. Read about Avoiding a Dental HERE, and our experiments with our own dogs HERE. Each package weighs about 2 pounds, and contains 3-5 frozen, raw beef ribs. We will be packaging two sizes since some tiny dogs need the smaller end of the rack of ribs.


CAUTON - DO NOT COOK OR WARM RIBS. THAW IN THE REFRIGERATOR BEFORE USING. Always supervise chewing. Our dogs take about an hour or two to clean the ribs of meat, which cleans their teeth. They chew on the rib a bit then normally leave it at that point. When you think the bone is too small, take it away.  Remember, bacteria is an issue, so for dogs that don't clean the bone quickly, perhaps give them 15 minutes of chewing time, then place the rib back into the refrigerator.

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