One Sleeve of Each - Special Price! 42 Containers

BEST SELLER! Click "Add to Cart" for one package of Yummy Chicken, Chicken Delicious, Turkey Feast, Turkey Delight, Beef Bonanza, Cowboy Beef, and Lamb Special, a total of 7 packages of Napa Fresh, totalling 42 eight ounce containers.


Perfect for Recipe Rotation!


And now, enhance each meal with more herbs - click on Summer Herbs to add a little tub of herbs to mix in to all of these recipes. Dogs love it.

  • Recipe Rotation is Important

    Rotating recipes is recommended by Dr. Billinghurst to insure that, over time, your dog is getting a variety of proteins and other nutrients necessary for complete and balanced nutrition. The only supplement Dr. Billinghurst insists upon is fresh Cod Liver Oil. 

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