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Yakity Yak Chew Bars

Yakity Yak Chew Bars

Priced at $8-$12.50 depending upon size.


Dogs love cheese, and dogs must chew! These chews are perfect: safe and simple. All natural, authentic, premium Himalayan Yak Cheese chew, hand-crafted in Nepal. 


The beauty of these cheese chews is that, although they are very hard to begin with, as soon as your dog begins licking and chewing, the cheese becomes soft and safely chew-able.


These chews can also be soaked for a bit in warm water to soften to get them started.


Long-lasting, satisfying, great for all breeds, even super chewers! Removes tartar and exercizes jaw muscles. 100% digestible, no crumbling or splintering, no slime or goo. Smells mildly of smoked Gouda! And the sound of the cheese wrapper will get your dog's attention without fail! Read more about why we love them here.


Lasts longer than rawhide.


LARGE size chew weighs about 7.5-8 oz and is good for large dogs, or smaller dogs who love to chew. $12.50 each, the most popular size for all dogs, all breeds, all sizes.  

MEDIUM size chew weighs 5-6 oz, great for small to medium-size dogs. $8 each

TEENY WEENIE size chew is perfect for the smallest dogs. Each chew weighs 1.2 - 1.7 oz. $11 for a package of 3 chews.


Always supervise your dog when chewing, and replace the chew once it gets chewed down to a size that would enable swallowing. Good idea to always have an extra!

  • Ingredients

    Human grade Himalayan Yak/Cow milk, lime juice, Himalayan salt

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