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Happy 14th Birthday, Izzy!

We've been involved in Izzy's life since 2014, when Jody placed her first order of Napa Fresh for her beloved Scottie. I learned a lot about Scotties from Jody, and sadly, that none of their Scotties ever lived beyond age 7.

Until now.

Jody writes:

Dear Karen,

Izzy is going to be turning 14 on January 27! She’s 4 months older than your pups. And she’s our oldest Scottie we have ever had since 1981. She still has to have subQ fluids 3Xs weekly for polycythemia (since she was diagnosed at 2), but she’s still full of life and loves to run and bark every day and she loves her Napa Fresh!

Thank you to you and Kevin for making such healthy yummy food for all of our dogs! I love seeing you with your beautiful dogs in your videos. I know feeding Izzy Napa Fresh is helping to keep her healthy and happy!

Wiping the tears from my eyes. Thank you Jody & Joe. We couldn't be happier.

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