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Peace of Mind....Priceless

A year ago, we sent out questionnaires about Napa Fresh, and many useful comments came back to us. The loud-and-clear message had to do with peace of mind. Finally, like us, dog lovers feeding Napa Fresh stopped worrying about what was in their dog's food.

For us, once we discovered the truth about the ingredients in commercial dog food - kibble, canned, you-name-it, and how it had been negatively effecting the health of our beloved dogs, and started making Napa Fresh, years of worrying disappeared.

Peace of mind.

For our customers, the process was the same. No more recalls, no more worrying about the toxic, synthetic vitamins and supplements coming from China, the nasty ingredients our government allows to go into our dogs' food, or anything else. Knowing that Chef Kevin shops every week at the same places we buy our own food, for the freshest ingredients all fit for human consumption, made a huge difference with everyone that responded.

And that it is the exact same food we feed our entire kennel, every single day. And that our customers get to talk directly to the people that actually make their dogs' food.

Ah, yes, peace of mind is truly priceless.

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