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Rizzo's Story

Rizzo is a handsome little Yorkie, who suffers with a complicated digestion condition called PLE. Read about it here. I was shocked to learn that one of the causes can be food sensitivity.

Imagine these poor dogs, so distressed at each gas-causing meal, tummies uncomfortably distended, along with vomiting and diarrhea, not to mention the malodorous gas.

Is it some horrific ingredient in manufactured, mass-produced dog food that is causing this condition in Yorkies, Basenjis, and soft-coated Wheatens? Although these breeds are commonly afflicted with this condition, there is no proven genetic predisposition, according to the article mentioned above.

So, is it the "fake" food, manufactured with so many inferior (and I'm being kind with my characterization), disgusting, dried-up, processed, and very mysterious ingredients that is really causing this suffering?

It didn't take Rizzo's mom, Rebecca, long to realize that Napa Fresh was having a positive impact on Rizzo's condition. We couldn't be happier to hear that, and are hoping that Rizzo continues to feel better every day.

Thank you Rebecca for trying Napa Fresh for your handsome Yorkies, and telling Rizzo's story. We are looking forward to hearing more about his progress.

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