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A Study of Herbs - Long Overdue

I have always been fascinated with herbs. I love the way they look, especially in the garden; I love the way they perfume the air on a breezy day, or how they make weeding the garden so enjoyable. I love how they feel in my hands, and I love to use fresh herbs in cooking.

Although I have studied and written about herbs before, my interest has intensified as we continue to improve the health of our dogs, and yours, using the most natural and effective methods, primarily through diet.

All of our recipes contain two very important, beneficial and health-promoting herbs, alfalfa powder, and a bit of garlic, However, we have used an additional blend of lovely herbs in two of our most popular seasonal recipes, Holiday Dinner, and California Dreamin'. When we are mixing the herbs with the fresh ingredients for these recipes in our Napa Fresh Kitchen, the aroma is absolutely delightful, but more importantly, these recipes contain herbs that further enhance the natural health and wellness properties of Napa Fresh. And the dogs love it.

I am studying "Dr. Kahlsa's Natural Dog" for her information on healthy herbs for dogs and their benefits. I have one other book coming that I will also study. Then, we are planning to create our own Napa Healthy Herb Mix based on this information, as not only a flavor enhancement for Napa Fresh, but as further general support for natural healing.

While we are studying and deciding which herbs to include in our mix, here are some of the healing benefits of some common and familiar herbs from Dr. Khalsa's book, with our notes highlighting some of our experiences:

Caraway and Fennel

digestive aids, anti spasmodic, anti-gas

(note - we have learned that simply switching to a fresh raw diet relieves gas)


improves bad breath, detox for kidneys and bladder, beneficial chlorophyl




decongestant, antibacterial


expectorant, antibacterial


respiratory support


treats colitis


itchy skin, nervousness, reduced inflammation, treats IBS

(note - our experience has proven that switching to a fresh raw diet might be the most effective relief for all sorts of digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome or "sensitive tummy", diarrhea, constipation and vomiting)


anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic

(note- we have used rosemary tea topically to quickly heal ugly wounds. It is miraculous!)


antibacterial, anti-fungal, digestive aid, helps expel parasites (especially hookworms)

We would enjoy hearing your thoughts on our plans to create a general healthy herb mix, for example, would you use it to enhance your dog's Napa Fresh meals? We can't of course, promise it's going to cure your dog of anything, and we are not suggesting that you don't work with your vet when your dog is sick, but the herbs we choose can have general health benefit, and further enhance the yummy flavor of Napa Fresh! What sort of container would you prefer? Options would be a clear plastic baggie, a resealable kraft paper bag - either a stand up bag or a smaller version of our biscuit bags, a screw top jar of some sort, or a tin. Your thoughts please!

Stay tuned, more to come.

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I would definitely try it. The food you make is wonderful and best of all our picky German Shepard loves it! Thank you for an awesome product!

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