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Animal Planet Filmed Here

Several years ago, in April 2011, while our barn was being finished up, we got a call from a film crew in Boston, asking us if we had a bunch of Borzoi and a field to let them run in, so they could be filmed for Animal Planet! We were thrilled and of course invited them to come and spend the day.

So, one day in April they showed up with a crew and a high-speed camera. They filmed our dogs running and playing in the field, and were especially interested in having Eva run to and from the camera, and running along the fence in a double suspension gallop. It was as if Eva, whom we lost only recently at age 15+, understood everything that we said! I sent her to the tree and back to the camera, and she did it without a hitch! And running along the fence was easy! They got all the shots they needed.

So when you watch the episode (Click HERE), you will see all of our dogs romping and running in the field, being brushed, walked and eating (yes that was kibble - right before we started Napa Fresh!). The only dogs not belonging to Highmeadow Farm are the black and white dogs.

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