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Dr. Billinghurst Discusses Balance

Balance in a fresh, raw diet is a big consideration when making the decision to switch, or even add it to your dog's diet, and requires a bit of education.

To illustrate balance in his presentation, Dr. Billinghurst asks us to think about our dog eating a small animal, a rabbit for example, a good meal for a dog. A rabbit has skin and fur, which act as fiber and are passed through the dog's digestive tract when consumed. The dog would eat the muscle meat and bones, the organs, and stomach contents, all of which together comprise a balanced meal for a dog, what nature intended, what they evolved to eat and to thrive upon. That's what we need to think about when putting together a raw diet for a dog.

By insuring that a raw diet has the proper composition and varying the types of meat and bones, the small amount veggies and fruits (to mimic stomach contents), and including some organ meats and a few other ingredients, over time the diet is considered "complete". One cannot simply add some fresh meat or other ingredients to a dog's diet and expect good results. Balance is crucial. Remember, the dog's system was designed by nature to thrive upon the nutrition it received by consuming all parts of its prey.

Fortunately for all of us, we don't have to guess about the proper ratios because Dr. B has figured it out and created a formula that is balanced over time. This is the formula he has used for decades with great success, and the only one we follow. He also advises using a variety of meats, bones, veggies and fruits in the proper amounts when creating recipes made from his formula, another important aspect of feeding a fresh raw diet. This insures balance over time.

We have been feeding Dr. Billinghurst's formula that we call Napa Fresh, to our own dogs for 6 years now, with great success. Our dogs are living longer, healthier, lives and are vigorous and active even into old age. Their coats are shiny and soft, they have fresh breath and clean teeth, and muscle. They are lean and bright-eyed. Their digestive systems are healthy as their appetites. Best of all we have not seen once case of cancer since we began feeding Dr. Billinghurst's formula. Dozens of our customers have been with us just as long and are experiencing the same healthy, healing, and rejuvenating powers for their own dogs with none of the worries about mysterious and harmful ingredients found in most commercially manufactured dog food, the "fake food" that Dr. Billinghurst refers to. It just makes sense.

Do you have questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact us for answers.

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