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Luca's Happy Turnaround

I met Luca in October 14, 2022. His parents were worried about him, and I immediately understood why.

He was heavy, had no waistline, no tuck-up. I could not feel his ribs all. He was uncomfortable, moving stiffly with little energy, his eyes were sad, his coat was dull. He was on his way to more serious health problems.

We discussed the game plan to get him healthy: no kibble or commercial dog food, a prescribed amount of Napa Fresh suitable for his ideal weight, along with a dose of cod liver oil, and instructions for treats.

Luca was heavy, uncomfortable, and sad.

The Amazingly Good News

He came to visit the Farm this past Saturday, January 28, 2023. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was hard to believe he was the same dog I had seen just three months ago. The first thing I noticed was that he was fit and trim, with a beautiful shape, beautiful muscles, and a waistline! He was in perfect condition; his coat was sleek, black, and shiny like a seal. His eyes were clear and bright. He moved effortlessly and was obviously very happy. And so were his parents.

I was blown away, and so very happy for all of them!

Now Luca has the best chance to avoid the health issues caused by obesity (which is caused mostly by a diet comprised of commercial dog food, especially dry kibble):

  • many types of cancer

  • diabetes

  • heart disease, hypertension

  • osteoarthritis

  • urinary bladder stones

  • less heat tolerance

Now he's trim, full of energy, and loving life!

Here's what Luca’s mom has to say: "When we discovered Napa fresh through a friend, we were definitely on board to give it a try!!! Luca beyond loved every recipe we gave him!!! Now after about 3 months, he’s a new dog!!! He plays for hours at the dog park and never sleeps at day camp anymore!!! It’s hard to get him to tire out!!! Everyone compliments him on his new figure and how shiny his coat is!!! I always tell them the reason why!!! Thank you Karen and all the wonderful team at Napa fresh for Luca’s new lease on life!!!"

Thank you, Coy, for trying Napa Fresh and joining the family. We are thrilled that Luca is on the road to a long and healthy life. Please keep those photos coming!

A new Luca, totally different, very handsome and vibrant.

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1 Comment

Darcy Dorwart
Darcy Dorwart
Jan 31, 2023

What a great story. Yay! Eat well. Play long. Great life!

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