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The Proof is in the......Teeth

This is a photo of Lexa's teeth. Lexa is one of our older girls at 10+. She was raised on Napa Fresh, and has never had even a bite of kibble. We have never brushed her teeth or used any tooth gels on her teeth.

She will never have to be anesthetized for a dental.

She will never suffer having teeth pulled.

She will never suffer with gum disease.

We will never look inside her mouth and want to turn away.

She will never have bad breath.


  1. As mentioned, she has never had kibble, or any commercially-produced dog food. Kibble contains tons of refined carbohydrates and feed-grade disgusting "meat", grains, vegetables and fruit, processed using high heat into fine powders in order to create kibble or canned food, or even moist food found in the refrigerator. These powders cause a film on a dog's teeth, causing tartar, gum disease, and worse.

  2. Her diet consists of only fresh, whole, unprocessed meat, bones, vegetables, fruits, whole eggs, and a few other healthy whole ingredients. Her diet contains no starches, grains, or legumes.

  3. She has always had access to good, healthy chews. For years she had a healthy brand of rawhide, but now, she has something a whole lot better, that is working tremendously: Yakity Yak Chew Bars. Those chew bars took care of the tiny amount of tartar (yes she still gets a biscuit from time-to-time, and yes, they can cause tartar too) on her molars. That's because she really uses her back teeth to happily chew and scrape, almost every day.

The proof is in the teeth, for sure. Doesn't it make sense? Do you think coyotes or wolves have tartar and gum disease, or even bad breath? Nope. Do you think they ever need a dental? Nope. That's because they don't eat a commercial diet, but a fresh whole foods diet for their entire lives.

Napa Fresh along with Yakity Yak Chew Bars is the next best thing.

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