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We were losing all of our dogs to cancer, until we stopped feeding kibble and started feeding Napa Fresh 11 years ago.
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-Fresh, whole food
-Limited Ingredients
-Ethically responsible

We happily share our discovery of health and wellness with dog lovers all over Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

A Sanctuary of Freshness

We converted our little piece of heaven, Highmeadow Farm, into a sanctuary of freshness, quality ingredients, and health, all in a setting like no other.

We have created New England's most delicious and nutritious, hand-crafted fresh meals for dogs, made in small batches in our specially-designed kitchen, using only fresh whole foods, meats and vegetables we would gladly serve to our most beloved human friends as well as our canine friends.


Peace of Mind

The first Culinary Grade Food for Dogs. Perfect for dog moms and dads who want the freshest, health-promoting ingredients for their beloved friends. Napa Fresh can be served raw or lightly cooked. Or simply add as a meal enhancement.

(warning: due to the delicious aroma arising when heating up these yummy ingredients, your spouse might think the food is for them. It's true!)


Every meal is like taking your dog on a field trip to Napa Valley. For all dog owners who prefer to serve their dogs a healthier, fresh, home-made meal that looks and smells great.


How are we different?


We're Like You

You love your dog.

We love our dogs.

Our dogs are beloved family members,  our best friends, and we treat them that way. We want them to eat a fresh, health-promoting diet and live long, happy lives.

We want to know precisely what goes into every single meal. No anxiety, no mystery. That's why we make Napa Fresh, a passion, a labor of love, for the dogs we adore, and for your dog. 


Napa Fresh


NAPA is as much a location as it is an inspiration for health, delicious fresh food, wonderful wine, peaceful, scenic views, and happiness. It's the lifestyle of both humans and hounds at Highmeadow Farm.

"Civilized" describes Napa Fresh, and our customers perfectly: enlightened, educated, advanced, cultured.